Dogs at work!

Bea has been doing exceptionally well in school recently. The children love working with Bea in class and at break times. Bea has been working in her classroom conduct, mat training, school games and patience the last few weeks in school. She is doing a great job!! Well done Bea.

Lotta did really well walking round the shops and getting lots of attention and greeting people calmly. She was calm in the lift and we worked on some tricks. Good job Lotta.

Keeping the dogs safe in the winter months:

In this cold weather please think about your dogs health first before anything. While they still need exercise, antifreeze and rock salt spread by gritters can cause irritation and pain to the delicate areas between the toes ❄️🌨🥶

Note that De-icer is toxic to dogs and grit salt can cause burns and salt poisoning, so be sure to wash and dry your dog’s paws and dry the underside of their body after each walk if you have been near roads or vehicles when walking💧

If they lick grit from their feet they can ingest harmful toxic substances making them very ill ☹️

Play lots of games indoors to keep your dog/pup busy, hide treats for them to sniff out, use a Kong or puzzle feeder or play hide and seek with them!

September 2022

Lotta will be visiting Stoke and Ipplepen on a Monday.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she will be at St Michael’s.

Bea will be at Marldon – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Bea will be at St Michael’s Monday and Friday.


Lotta is one of our trainee School Therapy Dogs ⭐📚 She is currently focusing on mat training which is important for dogs to learn so they can relax, lie down, and have time on their own. It’s especially important for them to do this when in a school setting so that during lessons, she can settle down without distracting the pupils from their learning and still be present in the room for when she is needed.